Best ways to stop Excessive dog barking, Noisy?

I know sometimes It can be very depressing when our companion for this matter a dog is excessively barking this, can even be worse when we try all we can to calm them down without succeeding. On this particular article, I give the best ways to stop dog barking by establishing the reasons why our dogs’ bark and at the same time share with you some of the routes we can take to learn on how we can deal with this enormous problem of the dog barking.

I know almost everyone including myself has ever experienced an excessive dog barking either at our homes when visiting a friend or even when passing through a neighbor’s home, it is always scaring when this happens. I have seen kids cry, grownups running away when they hear the barking sound, and it’s because of this that I decided to research on how to stop a dog from barking (excessive), and general information to help you learn how to live with your dog.

Understanding what causes Dog Barking

Guarding their space

Dogs like anyone of us like to guard our spaces, with the best strength possible! dogs use barking as a way to protect their space. Dogs bark for so many reasons including, chasing away anyone or anything they passive as enemies, to receive the necessary attention they deserve and let the Owner know they are irritated or even hungry.At this point, Dog-Human communication is highly required to tell what the barking is all about.

Why do Dogs Bark?

  • Happy or excited: When a Dog receives warmth and best care including having a car ride, eating moments, grooming they bark but with a good bark that is well controlled and well-paced.
  • Marking the space: this is when anyone or an invader tries to occupy the space that the dog feels is his or her territory
  • Irritated/annoyed: when the dog feels irritated the barking can be scaring because he or she is trying tstop dog barkingo send the message that something is not right including,e.g when the tail is stuck or can’t open the door

  • Loneliness: Dogs also become lonely when they don’t see the people they are used to seeing every time, can bring a very annoying barking that will disturb everyone including your great neighbors
  • Lack of attention: Dogs also like human being needs attention and when not given they tend to make the barking noise
  • Alerting the owner: this is when a Dog sees new person, hear a very loud noise or  fire will bark to alert anyone available
  • Scared: this is when the dog bark to scare away the intruder the fear within the dog at that moment can cause the barking to be aggressive.
  • Response barking: this is when the dog barking is caused by hearing another Dog bark it may be excessive

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Best ways to stop dog barking includes:

  • Since dogs, hate noise make sure that the dog stays in the noiseless part of the house clean and comfortable place
  • Always avoid yelling at your dog because this will only make things worse, learn to use soft words like quite or hush without shouting to the dog.
  • Dog training is very important at this point because training can help carb unnecessary dog barking
  • You can bar the field of vision of the dog for anything that makes him distracted or initiating his bark especially,When he can see the passerby or other dogs, this can be done by blocking the window if that is what is making him or her wants to see outside
  • Let the dog exercise more, walk the dog play with the dog because a tired dog will not have enough energy to bark around but you will be looking forward to a calm and collected dog
  • Don’t leave your lovely for too long without attending to him this will induce loneliness and the barking will surely come along with boredom
  • When the dog is barking for attention when possible don’t give the attention immediately because doing so  will be encouraging such behavior and it might be too hard trying to change back
  • Learn to reward your dog when he or she behaves, Its to your advantage because it will be so easy for dog barking puppy change the bad behaviour for the sake of the reward!
  • Medical Dog conditions like canine senility can trigger dog barking, though mostly found with older pets setting an appoitment with a veterinarian will be a good idea.


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Bottom line the most important part is to understand your dog barking I.e. canine communication and learn the best ways to stop dog barking and start training  your dog how to bark less.This might take time but once the dog finally learns how, you will have the best relationship with little or no unnecessary dog barking.

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 Showing Dog some Love and affection

  • Just like any other pet dogs need some love and this can be the best anti-dog bark solutions out there
  • Always hug your dog they feel good
  • Talk to your dog and when you teach or train him, do it with a lot of love they have feelings too!
  • Spare time to play with your dog a lot of playing will keep him engaged and tired making him the coolest dog in town
  • Buy your dog a lot of toys when you are not around dog love playing around and they will keep them busy before you return
  • Allow the dog to lean and sleep with you it gives them enough warmth feeling of love and they love in return
  • Grooming spare your time for a great treat of grooming including vacuuming them they love the bliss
  • Train your dog, never get tired of training your dog! eventually, you will be able to deal with the unnecessary dog barking
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As I conclude a well taken care off dog, will reciprocate . Show your dog a lot of affection & love and he or she will do the same to you. Treat your dog regularly, give him a long walk and always teach or train him or her new things. This way you will have a great Dog-human communication and your relationship will thrive.Finally, always try to master your dog barking habits and and ask yourself these questions what triggers what barking? when? and how is it’s triggered?  this way you will be able to distinguish his barking system and dealing with it will be easier.

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12 Replies to “Best ways to stop Excessive dog barking, Noisy?”

  1. Dave

    Hi Mercy, great post! Just wondered if you had heard of those anti dog-barking electronic devices please (like a whistle or something)? – Would they work well, or perhaps we should not use them as they might damage the dogs hearing?

    1. Mercy Post author

      Hi Dave, as an animal ambassador I don’t recommend anything that will harm or hurt the animal in any way, Thank you.

      Take care Mercy

  2. sarah

    Great article with superb information. you have really explained it so well. I didn’t knew that we can stop dogs barking in such an easy way. great article and looking forward to read more from your website. good work and keep it up.

    1. Pet Locality

      Hi Dwight
      We need to take good care of our friends.They need us and we surely need them too!Go ahead and check our new article on Best family dog breeds 2018
      Thank you
      Take care

  3. Gosia

    Hi. You’ve pointed out many interesting things. It’s not like dog is just barking to annoy us. There’s obviously a reason behind it. Most people would probably raise their voice to “calm” the dog rather than try to realize what’s causing the issue.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Mercy Post author

      Yes we should always ask ourselfs so many questions when our dogs bark, and that way we will be able to determine the root cause of the barking!
      Thank you
      Take care Mercy

  4. Stefan

    HI Mercy, this is a very helpful article. I am going to apply your methods to see how my dog behaves. Sometimes my mom shouts at our dog when it pees in the wrong place. Now I know shouting is useless, so what do you suggest we do from now on?
    Thank you


    1. Mercy Post author

      Hi Stefan
      Thank you for loving my article,Kindly come back and share with all of us how it went also help your Mom understand shouting mostly do not help in fact invite her to read my article on potty training for dogs made easy.,Its such an interesting article on Potty training for dogs.Thank you

      Take care Mercy

  5. warui

    Hi Mercy my dog barks alot during the day but at night it doesnt even when an intruder gets into my home compound what could be the problem?

    1. Mercy Post author

      Hi Warui
      Thank you for stopping by, the best way to make your dog bark at night and especially when an intruder gets into your home is by training your dog, First you need to make sure your dog understands the command “bark”, afterwards you can create a scene at night where you come in as intruder and command him to bark if you repeat these scenarios your Dog will understand.Remember to be patient when training your dog.
      Thank you
      Take care Mercy.


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