Do Dogs Completely Forget their Owners?


Domestic Animals are wonderful to have around the house, the dog is a lovely pet and smart, but can have different types of mood swing just as in human, have you ever wondered how long it takes a dog to forget it’s owner?

Dogs are very sensitive in nature and can take note of everything around them as well as their owner, that is why they are easily trained. And when trained they become smarter and take care of everything they are taught, they can be taught how to do so many things at the same time because of their sharp memory.


Different people have a different opinion on this topic as to whether dogs do forget their owner, the major thing worthy of note is that different dog act in different ways and a different manner as well as different capacity.

A dog forgetting its owners cannot be equated to all dogs because what works for one dog may not work for the other, some dogs can stay as long as 20 years but do not forget their owners even when they are separated. That category or type of dog may never forget their owner,  it can miss them for a while when they are separated or when the dog gets missing, but remember them as soon as they Are reconciled back to their owners, but other get used to their new owners and forget about the old owners.


Some dogs do well after leaving their owners they move on with their doggy life while others Never do well in their new homes this is just simply because of the relationship the owner has with the dog. It might be an act of kindness like feeding, bathing and taking care or the dog overall well being, dog remembers every art of kindness towards them making them feel special, loved, trust and secured.

Such gesture makes the dog remember it owner for a very long time. You may be wondering are dogs that Smart? Yes, they are!

Dogs also have a high sense of smell, when the owner has a particular way of scent the dog get used to that scent and can recognize it as long a kilometer away.

Similarly, how they are being interacted with, they tend to recognize the different types of interaction. And the aggressive approach to a dog can make the dog aggressive while a subtle approach make the dog-friendly


When a dog is properly trained or has gotten used to the owner over a year’s they also tend to differentiate between external aggression and making them do the thing you want them to do at a particular time.

Whenever You have a dog at home be mindful of the way you treat them, in as much you are the owner, does not stop them from also been friendly or aggressive. That is one determining factor on how they remember or forget you.




8 Replies to “Do Dogs Completely Forget their Owners?”

  1. Michael

    I grew up with dogs, and I’m absolutely sure they remembered me even many years after I moved out of the house. 🙂

    I’m absolutely agree, that it comes down to the different dog, and how you treat them and so on.

    At this point I’m living in a flat, so it’s too small, but I can’t wait to be able to have dogs again.


    1. Mercy Post author

      Hi Michael
      I really appreciate your confirmation about our great topic on Do Dog Completely Forget About its Owner? for sure it comes down to how you treated your Dog as a parent.Kindly check our why are dogs mans best friend Article to learn more
      Take care Mercy

  2. Linda

    Wow, this is truly an amazing article. To be honest, I never thought about it. I suppose that they Do remember perhaps exactly the way we humans do, perhaps not. I Love All dogs nonetheless. This is a great and thought provoking article. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Julie

    Yes, I believe that some dogs remember their owner. That is why I feel so sorry for the dogs that are given up to a shelter. They can become really depressed. So sad! This was a great article. Thanks!

    1. Mercy Post author

      Hi Julie
      Its very Dogs just like human got feelings and if not taken good care off they become depressed and sad too,We should return the favor by treating and taking good care of them. Read also why are dogs mans best friend to learn why they are our best friends
      Thank you
      Take care Mercy

  4. Matthew Owen

    This is sooo true, dogs certainly miss their parents or owners whichever you prefer to call them. I had a golden retriever when I was growing up and everytime I came home from school she would cry as if she was pleased to see me, either that or unhappy to see me. lol

    1. Mercy Post author

      Hello Matt
      I can relate to that when I was young our dog would every day walk for a long distance to meet my Dad and it used to keep time,and they would come home together. Kindly read our post on why dogs are our best friends why are dogs mans best friend
      Thank you
      Take care Mercy


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