Home remedies for dogs bad breath,Easy way

Home remedies for dogs bad breath

Dog treatments for bad breathsIt is not an anomaly to discover that our furry friends, dogs can actually have really bad breath and it could be due to many things. Most often it is caused by gum disease or dental hygiene issues especially in small dogs prone to plaque, however, this is not a permanent issue and can be resolved, with below home remedies for dogs bad breath relatively easy.

Using coconut oil

Coconut oil is known to contain antibacterial and also antifungals which will help in considerably reducing the stench from your dog’s mouth. Applying it is not a problem as you could just mix it in his food, cook his food with it, or brush his teeth with it. Nothing to fear to see as this oil is sweet so your dog may even enjoy it. Giving your dog a tablespoon a day should produce some good results and it should be done regularly.


Dog treatments for bad breathsOne of the fruits with the highest amount of antioxidants Is carrots and it also helps to protect the body from dangerous free radical injury. Its rich nature filled with vitamins and nutrients should play a good role in helping cure your dog of bad breath. By adding carrots to your dog’s daily meal there should be quick relief from the bad breath.

Lemon juice

Lemon is very high in citrus content which prevents bacteria from growing in the mouth of your dog and in effect prevent mouth odor. It is a simple remedy yet a highly effective one. Simply add a few drops of lemon juice to your dog’s drinking water and watch the drastic change. Lemon acts as a natural bleach so it thoroughly cleanses the mouth so follow this easy remedy to cure your dog of bad breath.

Using Parsley

The is the most common Home remedy for dogs bad breath, with the chlorophyll present in this green plant helping to neutralize the odor from your dog. Parsley, however, is not an enjoyable taste for dogs so don’t expect the dog to take it without spitting it out, better to use it like a mouthwash for your dog. Take a bunch of parsley leaves and add boiling water to get the juice out, after letting it cool you can give it to your dog to drink or just spray in his mouth with a bottle. Constantly doing this is a sure method to rid your dog of mouth odor.


There are many other means by which one could ride his/her dog of the trouble of mouth odor but it should be noted that it might not just be mouth odor but may also have a more serious and complicated issue like something being wrong with the dogs’ gastrointestinal tract which will require a veterinarian. Whatever may be the case, bad breath from a dog is usually a red flag and should be treated seriously. The Home remedies for dogs bad breath above are a surefire way to ensure that your people dog can be cured of the bad breath and with relative ease at home.

16 Replies to “Home remedies for dogs bad breath,Easy way”

  1. Simon

    Hey Mercy, these are great tips for reducing smelly mouth odours most of our dogs produce.
    I remember our dog having terrible breath odours – bless her, but no one 20 years ago recommended solutions like your blog suggests. Common sense really however I can imagine most of these will work wonders, especially mixing carrots & coconut oil in with food further to squeezing lemon juice into water.

    I read another remedy the other day suggesting to add the odd mint leaf into the dogs water bowl, this works with great results too but the advice was to introduce a leaf first then keep adding additional leaves over time to get the dog used to the taste, alike parsley I suppose.
    Thanks again for the tips,

    1. Mercy Post author

      Hi Simon,
      Am very happy to hear that!, most pet parents get stressed up so much not knowing where to start and this advice on Home remedies for dogs bad breath act like a starting point as the dog owner plan to take a trip to a veterinarian for the advice on what is the root cause of the bad odor.Thank you
      Take care Mercy

  2. Taetske Guillaume

    Good Morning Mercy,

    First of all, I love the photo of that dog having fun on the beach. So sad that a lot of people keep their fur friends in a small apartment to be taken out on a couple of short walks a day.
    Cindy, my Rottweiler lady of 12 years, has it nice as she lives on a farm in the south of Spain. She can do what she wants and run around as there is space enough.
    As she is so old she has a couple of issues which I treat with natural things. I recently read that vitamin D3 helps against cancer so she gets 10.000 IU a day. I also give her a soupspoon of coconut oil which I take myself too. Therefore she has no bad breath. I am very happy about that as I have a very sensitive nose.
    I know from other dogs I had that bad breath can be quite awful besides indicating some problem for the dog. That is why your article comes in so handy.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Mercy Post author

      Hi Taetske
      Am very excited receiving this comment from a dog parent! and actually its more encouraging when I hear that you are already practicing one of my suggestion on Home remedies for dogs bad breath already and its working, I am really happy also to hear you have a space enough for Cindy.Keep doing it!Thank you
      Take care Mercy

  3. LynnB

    Great remedies carrots are also great for dogs who love to chew. My smooth collie loves carrots and they also help to keep the teeth clean. Oh green beans raw or cooked help deter gas.

    1. Mercy Post author

      Hi Lynn
      Yes, I totally agree with you carrots are great for a dog as it also comes with other health benefits other than just a remedy for dogs bad breath.Thank you
      Take care Mercy

  4. Michael Kenny

    Hi Mercy. I never knew about giving a dog some of the household foods items for what you highlighted above to get rid of bad breath on dogs, This is something completely new in which I didn’t know about but my dog is a Jack Russel and a very fussy eater. so we give him dogs dental sticks which he loves but I can’t keep on giving him them. I try out those home remedies and see how things develop. thank you for sharing those tips.

    1. Mercy Post author

      Hi Michael
      Thank you for stopping by and yes these methods are really working and Pet parents are reporting good results, in fact, some of them have been using some Home remedies for dogs bad breath already and they are happy to learn new ideas.Sure try the remedies and will appreciate your feedback.Thank you
      Take care Mercy

  5. Mark Baker

    Hello Mercy

    I can definitely vouch for coconut oil. My spaniel loves the stuff and it does a good job of controlling his smelly breath.

    I knew about parsley too but no lemon juice and carrots so will be trying those out too.

    Thanks for the great tips.


    1. Mercy Post author

      Hi Mark
      Thank you for stopping by am happy to hear your Spaniel is already enjoying Home remedies for dogs bad breath I would like you to try lemon and carrots then come back and report to us.
      Thank you
      Take Care Mercy

  6. Sharnna

    Hi thank you for sharing you website. Your website looks great, good use of pictures and straight to the point. Did not coconut oil can get rid of dog bad breath, honestly this page is short think you could had more info. Otherwise a great website

    1. Mercy Post author

      Hi Sharnna
      Thank you for appreciating my post and am also encouraged when a reader asks for more, I promise to do long posts in the future, Yes Coconut oil is a good remedy for dogs bad breath.Thank you
      Take care Mercy

  7. Anita

    This is so informative, such natural and simple ways to get rid of bad breathe and it will not hurt your pocket. I never knew coconut oil is good for dogs, now i know and will try and incorporate it in their meals.

    1. Mercy Post author

      Hello Anita
      Yes, we have several simple ways to help our Dogs and coconut oil is amongst which will help your dog in different other health benefits.
      Thank you Take care Mercy

  8. Chris

    My dog has terrible breath. I think he has some dog version of halitosis (<–sp?). Anyways, these are some great tips, I will check it out.

    Do you happen to have any specific places where I can find this stuff online? Amazon maybe?


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