Over exercised dog symptoms!best way to help the dog!

Over exercised dog symptoms

Is there a better way to show love and care to your dog than allowing its total freedom of running around like a child until its exhausted?

Dogs are man’s best companion from the ages, they have been a fundamental part of our lives and partake basically in all human activities both indoor and outdoor such as hunting, fishing, herding, and security. They are made to work and enjoy doing it. They are bred by nature to work, hunt, breed and protect their family. Exercise is not just for fun when it comes to dog training but it’s a way to keep them fit, alert of their immediate environment and to keep their weight in check. The walk is the basic exercise for dogs as it strengthens their bones, increases muscles alertness, flexibility, blood circulation and mental awareness.

Having dogs live with man have made them lazy and inactive as the sedentary lifestyle of human is having a negative impact on them and hence the need for exercise. Even though exercise is good for them, they can be over exercised and can become fatigue causing changes in the behavior of your beloved pet. To know if your dog is over-exercised, here are some sign to watch out for:

Signs of over exercises dog symptoms

  1. Ignoring basic command such as sit, come, go etc.
  2. Extreme thirst: drinking is part of a dog’s life, they love water and are good swimmers too but when water consumption is too much or they prefer a drink than food, is a sign of over exercised dog symptoms
  3. Panting and shortness of breath: after exercises is a sure sign of over exercise
  4. Not wanting to play or go out for walks or participate in fun activities
  5. Lagging behind instead gearing to go forward.
  6. Excessive and irregular sleep patterns
  7. Limping or muscles and joint stiffness
  8. Diabetes: through exercise helps in breaking down of sugar during exercise, over an exercised dog can have trouble regulating sugar that leads to extreme thirst.
  9.  If your dog suffers from diabetes, Unusual and longer exercises  should be closely and well  monitored

These symptoms should not be overlooked as a pet owner. The dog should be taken to see a veterinarian if you are not sure why your best friend is behaving abnormally. Now, knowing that dogs can be over exercised, let’s understand what can be done to prevent such from occurring in your dog.

Ways to prevent over-exercising your dog

  1. Try to choose an exercise according to the age of your dog. Remember, puppies and smaller dogs are more energetic than bigger and older dogs
  2. Choose easier exercises like walking instead of running to ease the stress on the dog.
  3. Indulge in more mental kind of exercise than physical training that can cause exhaustion to the dog
  4. Improve the diet of your dog by adding more supplements and vitamins
  5. Allow more rest time in between exercise to avoid panting and physical exhaustion to the dog

Armed with these how-to tips, your dog will always be active and agile and free from being over-exercised.

16 Replies to “Over exercised dog symptoms!best way to help the dog!”

  1. Matts Mom

    Great information! I have two dogs, one is a puppy (Teddy) and the other is a senior (Cooper), LOL. Teddy always wants to get Cooper to play. Cooper will play for a while, but he would prefer to just chill. Anyway, he does tend to get a little over exerted. I am going to make him start taking a rest break from Teddy 🙂

    1. Mercy Post author

      Hi Matts Mom, Happy to hear you have two dogs, and the facts that they are both of different ages it very easy to tell the difference and yes comfortable breaks are good especially for her age.kindly read also more articles including top-5-backpacks-for-dogsthank you

      Take care

  2. Sarae

    SO many people forget about the mental aspect of play for a dog! I love that you have included this to help an over exercised dog. Mental health is very important to a dog’s health! Thanks for all of your great tips.

    1. Mercy Post author

      Thank you Sarae
      Dogs are just like us, the more we get overwhelmed by extreme exercise is exactly the same with them, and sometimes since they cant talk, it is sometimes very easy to over-exercise them.I am happy you love the article.On Over exercised dog symptoms.
      Thank you
      Take care Mercy

  3. Matt

    Not to sound too oblivious, but I would not have related exhaustion to what I always thought of as stubbornness. I was wrong! This is excellent wisdom moving forward… Thanks!

  4. KD Forsman

    Great article – thank you. I have a very active little fox terrier and he never knows when to stop running, he is an older dog and often has extreme thirst so I think I need to keep an eye on that too after reading this. Thanks very much for sharing. Cheers, Karen https://writingforcash.com

  5. Fred

    Wow! I never know about the over exercises dog symptoms. That is very interesting, I will definitely have to keep an eye out for these symptoms. I didn’t even know that you could give dogs supplements and vitamins other then what’s in their dog foods. Thanks for this info.

  6. tommy

    this is a great article, there a things that I never knew about that now my dog will be way more relaxed and I will take this a step at a time, I will be back to read some more on this website.

  7. Miranda

    Wow! What an interesting article. I never knew about these kind of symptoms. Thank you for posting this and opening my eyes on what to look out for when I start taking my puppy out on walks.

  8. Anita

    Well i never thought there is something like a dog being overexercised but from your article, i guess i have to be more keen and allow the dog to rest a bit and rejuvenate.
    Where can one get dog supplements?


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