Potty training for dogs,made easy!

A smelly house is an issue that we all dread about, living in a house with bad odor can be irritating and uncomfortable and this is the reason why potty training for dogs is very important. Can you imagine a life where your dog is able to know the designated area where he or she can relieve him or herself? it’s  possible with easy to follow methods that will give you and  your dog the greatest life together.


Establishing the area!

For best achievable potty training, first and foremost you need to establish the section were the potty training will be taking place, this way your dog will get familiar with the area and relate to it, mainly the Dog associate the smell of his toileting spot and the act of elimination, a routine is very important because dogs seem to work very well on repetitive engagements

Set the schedule

When doing potty training for dogs, it’s very important to create a routing schedule for training.

Below are quick guidelines on your scheduling time

  • Early in the morning
  • Staying in the crate for some time
  • After play time
  • After a nap
  • After eating and drinking
  • Before sleep time at night

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Remember! Never interrupt your dog during potty time, Allow them to relieve themselves while feeling relaxed.

Crate training

Inside a crate dog is confined for some periods of time. Crate is very very important when or whenever you can’t monitor your dog closely, during the night, when transporting your dog safely in the car and while visiting new places.

Introducing your dog to the crate

Present the crate to the dog as a nice place to be by making it comfortable, you can put a blanket or a soft matt inside to give it a nice look inside, this way you can attract your dog. Put his or her favorite snacks, food or toys inside the crate to encourage him to get in, then allow the dog to move inside while you are cheering him up remember the crate should be spacious enough for the dog to feel comfortable while inside.

The dog might not agree to get in on the first trial but if you do it consistently, for few days the magic will happen and he or she will walk in the crate to reach for food or the toys. Create an experience that the crate is for sleeping, relaxing and even feeding.

Normally when dogs are in small confined areas like a crate they learn to control the urge to eliminate or toilet in their clean Crate, always soon as you let your dog out from the crate always take them to the designated toileting spot. Never leave your dog in the crate for very long time.


Shouting to your dog

Avoid at all cost shouting or scolding your dog for accidents eliminations during Potty training for dogs, instead clean the area thoroughly to remove the smell since the smelly  spot can attract the dog to do it again, also remember he or she is still in the learning process, to make your work easier learn to instead praise the dog for doing a good job of learning where to toilet.

 Awarding your dog

Learn to award him or her after every business this can be achieved by praising him every time he visits the potty spot. You can do this by having a little play time, some snacks a clap and a pat, to let the dog know you are happy with him or her. Make it a habit and be consistent this way your dog will be able to learn very first.You can include words like “Good job”,Welldone”,Great Job” Cheerfully.

Diet during potty training

Watching on your Dog diet during potty training to your ddog eatingog  is very important  just like human there are  some food that doesn’t go well with some dogs you need to establish on the best diet for your dog, this way you don’t have to deal with your dog having inconsistent eliminations due to stomach issues, Causing diarrhea. This can make your potty training for your dog a nightmare.

Parting short!

Learn to identify the signals

It is also very important to identify the signs when your dog wants to eliminate, the signs can range from barking, whining, stressed, pacing, standing, looking or scratching the door or seeming unsettled. The dog may be telling you he has to go. Learn to act quick and take the dog to the toileting spot immediately.

Potty training for dogs is very achievable by all means just be patient and don’t give up on your dog.

Thank you!


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  1. Dwight

    Hey Mercy,
    Wonderful post as always. My dogs are fully potty trained now but man could I have used to these steps in the past! Would have saved me a lot of time. Perhaps I’ll use them in the future.


    1. Mercy Post author

      Hi Dwight,
      You are always welcome to try our steps and man i will be thrilled to read your comment on sharing with us how fast it was! Courtesy our steps!
      Thank you
      Take care Mercy


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