Why are dogs man’s best friend? 4 best reasons 2018

Why are dogs man’s best friend?

why are dogs good pets?The saying; dogs are man’s best friend, is a very old and popular saying. Don’t you just wonder, who said it and what brought about the conclusion? But whichever way you choose to look at it, dogs are truly man’s best friend. Not just because they are a domestic animal (cats are domestic animals, and nobody called them a man’s best friend), but because they are just great.

Dogs fill up that space that is meant for humans better than the humans in your life. They are loyal, smart, forgiving, cheerful, etc. all this are some of the qualities you expect in a human best friend, but you can get from a dog.

Here are the best 4 reasons why are dogs man’s best friend;

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1. They are very loyal

Most times we tell our friends we would die for them or have their back no matter the situation, just to prove our loyalty to them, although when reality sets in we tend to do the opposite. But your dog will die for you; they would do whatever it takes to protect you if you are in danger even if it means putting their self in danger.

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They also literally have your back, every single time. Ever wondered why when someone knocks your door, and you are going to check it, your dog walks behind you? That is them having your back, figuratively and literally.Answering the question why are dogs good pets?

2. They are always happy to see you

Everybody wants their best friend to be happy when they see them, but that is not always the case because sometimes they might just be dealing with their issues or they even need a break from you, which is normal. But your dog would always be happy to see you, jumping on you and going everywhere with you. Even when they do not jump, you see their tails wagging in excitement.Having your dog jumping and barking for exciting when they see you, is a sight for sore eyes any day.

Why is Dogs Man’s Best Friend?

3. They are very smart

Dogs are very smart creatures, although some breeds are much smarter than the others. According to research, dogs can learn up to 400 words, although they cannot speak this words they understand and express themselves using multiple facial expressions.

That thing your dog does that you think is cute and they probably do accidentally? They do it on purpose.

4. They are very forgiving

The reason human best friend relationships are complicated is that they are not forgiving and hold grudges. But your dog has a short-term memory when it comes to remembering the times you hurt them. You can tug on their tail, their ears all you want, after a while they forget, and all is right between you two again, leaving you with the simple answer why dogs are best pets.

Most dogs suffer from Allergies due to several reasons and different causes!

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Dogs are very awesome creatures with very beautiful hearts. They easily fill up the void of a best friend in your life because they do almost everything a best friend does except speak. Why are dogs a man’s best friend again? Because they are awesome like that.

14 Replies to “Why are dogs man’s best friend? 4 best reasons 2018”

    1. Pet Locality Post author

      Very true @ Dwight this special friend really know how to love us but most of the times we don’t give back the love, the article has given us some good reasons why they are our best friends, we should learn to award them regularly, by teaching them new games and having playtime more often.

      Thank you! Take care

  1. Nate Kidd

    You make some great points here. I have had many animals over the years and my dogs have been my most favorite. I am always so amazed at how smart they are. Sometimes it is unbelievable.

    They are also very loyal. No matter what they are there waiting on you and greeting you with joy and excitement when you arrive home. I believe dogs have been able to help so many humans with things like depression and loneliness. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Pet Locality Post author

      I feel we should love our dogs more since they have proved to be our true best friends no matter what, and like you mentioned about depression and loneliness they make the best companions!
      Thank you
      Take care

  2. Carl

    Hi there. I have an American Bulldog and she is my baby, lol. It is so true what you have said about dogs, they really are your best friend. She trusts me implicitly, more than I deserve probably, lol.


  3. Vince

    We are looking at getting a family pet and this article has sayed me to get a dog. What the best dog to get with 2 young active 4 year old kid?

    1. Pet Locality Post author

      Hello Vince
      Thank you very much for your question, you have inspired me to come up with some list of Dog for family and I will be posting it soon, Kindly check the list while I work on an article.!
      The Golden Retriever.
      This dog is known for its great patience, high energy, and friendliness. It loves to play and learn new tricks

      Labrador Retriever
      This breed is smart, very friendly with humans, protective, loving and reliable.

      Poodles are very good breeds for families. They are smart and calm dogs. They do not shed as much as other breeds which makes them good for children with allergies.

      This breed is one of the most easy-to-train breeds, making it ideal for families without much experience with dogs. Coupled with their gentleness, they are also great with kids and love to play.

      Just listed few but keep checking back for a full post soonest
      Thank you
      Take care Mercy!

  4. Timotheus

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Dogs are truly our best friends!
    I used to have a Mini Schnauzer. She has passed on couple of years ago.
    While we were together, she was my angel. Always smiling, always happy. When I return home, she expresses so much joy.
    I miss her.
    I don’t have time for a doggy friend since. But when I have more time, I will definitely have another doggy friend. They are so worth having! 🙂

    1. Pet Locality Post author

      Hello Timotheus
      It’s very encouraging when I get real case scenarios of what I write, it touches my heart to see Dog owners spare time to share with us their own relationship with their dogs.I hope you get another great friend soon!
      Thank you
      Take care Mercy!

  5. Luna

    Dogs are truly loyal and they can be our best friends. I have seen stories where dogs have been lost for years but still recognize their owners when they are reunited.
    I recently migrated and cannot afford a dog now but I still admire dog owners who take the time to care for their dogs. I agree that everyone wants his dog to be happy. Even when we have a hard day and not much time for pets, the dog will still be happy to see us and always greets us like a best friend should.

    1. Pet Locality Post author

      Very true Luna dogs are very smart and loving if we can continue showing them love and affectionate they will continue being loyal to us, thank you for your contribution, much appreciated!

      Take care Mercy

  6. Rita

    Dogs are definitely man’s best friend. I miss my dogs very much and hope to reach a place in my life where I can have dogs again.
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Mercy

      Thank you for stopping by, I know what it means to miss your best friend, I believe the time is coming soon for you to have a dog again.When that time comes don’t forget to come back and share with us why are dogs man’s best friend?
      Take care Mercy


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